Anthony Mikulka

"This is my second year unleashed. Those Happy Dogs (24x36, acrylic) is a companion piece to The Last Circus Dogs. The howling celebrates the end of dog racing." - Anthony Mikulka

Neil Singleton

Neil Singleton, a Florida Native, is a versatile mixed media artist specializing in both rural and urban assemblages. His inspiration derives from his passion for the outdoors and his time spent living or traveling in urban cities (Denver, New York, Chicago, Orlando). Currently he resides in Orlando and travels throughout the Southeast participating in festivals. His work can be found in several galleries throughout the state.

The art is created by starting with a desired silhouette, which is then carefully filled with metallic objects, including old hardware and various metals. All pieces are fastened to a reclaimed wood canvas. The subjects range from animals and fruit, to skylines and simple shapes.

Kelly Stewart

Kelly Stewart’s latest series, Alchemy Art seeks to preserve moments in time where chemistry and creativity merge. Allusions to the early process artists of the 1960s and 70s abound in her new series, as each work is a culmination of influences that arbitrarily impact the final composition. Stewart drew inspiration for the series by witnessing the natural resistance generated between her medium and the unconventional chemicals she employed. This intersection of colliding chemicals and natural factors including time, gravity and heat, produce images that seemingly suspend her colors in motion. Each haphazard culmination generates unpredictable organic forms that are both dynamic and mystifying.

For the viewer, Alchemy Art offers an exploration of possibilities that range from representation to abstraction, the minimal to the abundant. Likewise, Stewart’s joining of color and process draw attention to both the micro and macrocosms that saturate our world leaving us to wonder if it is truly probability or random chance that shape our own existence.

Kelly is a fine artist living in Orlando, Florida. She has a Bachelor’s of Fine Art from Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio.

Saulius Jankauskas

Saulius Jankauskas, MD, born in Detroit, MI to Lithuanian parents that were forced to run from their homeland because of the Soviet occupation of Lithuania. A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with a private practice in Longwood, Florida, has been working in recycled hot glass since 1996. Has won awards in shows and has exhibited in many galleries nationally. His creations are in private collections as well as corporate collections. He is involved with Unique Glass Colors, LLC as the research and development head, developing new products and coming up with unique solutions to existing problems in glass enamels.

“In undergraduate school, I delved into ceramics. Over time, became more interested in the glazing process than the construction, and finally realized that glaze IS glass and that working in hot glass would be the glazing without the clay!

Working with and “on” people is absolutely my first love. Helping patients through reconstructive or cosmetic surgery is really gratifying. What is interesting is the similarity that both processes – surgery and hot glass, have with each other. In surgery, you have to have the ability to know how certain tissues react in the healing process over time. Sometimes you have to over correct or under correct or just correct to get the great final result – knowing that in the healing process the tissues will change. The “healing” time for the glass is the time it spends in the kiln. So, like human tissue, you have to overcorrect or under-correct, to get the final result you are trying to achieve.

Many things inspire my creations, but my main muses are poetry, Lithuanian folklore and spirituality/religion."

Anne Mayer

Anne Mayer was born on the northeastern coast of New Jersey and currently resides in Orlando, Florida. Anne is an abstract expressionist artist who enjoys both pure expressionism and abstract figurative works. She is a self-taught painter creating works with raw emotion, originality and speculation.

“I paint with spontaneity. I approach the canvas with a specific idea in mind and in the process a dominant idea will present itself and develops from there. From brush, to color, to canvas I anticipate what might present itself. All in all, it is my truth for that day, at that moment. I have no other expectations. My intent as an artist is to create a painting that draws the viewer like a magnet to the piece and finds a personal connection to it they can enjoy for a lifetime.

– Anne Mayer, Artist

Gabriel and Angela Collazo

Gabriel and Angela have been partners in love and in life for fifteen years. Angela is an interior designer with a keen eye for elegant yet simple refinement. Hers, is an innate talent, a natural sophistication, which is manifested in each work with a fine sense of style, scale and color.

Gabriel, an artist in every sense of the word, creates with purpose using paint, texture, layers, music and drums, all of which is imbued with light and love. If you watched their videos, you felt their combined creative souls. Their fire ritual is a rebirth that represents the purifying effect that the spirit of God—which is described as fire—desires to have upon this plane. Its presence is manifested in every piece they create.

In Gabriel’s words: “Somebody is going to pass by our artwork and keep walking or they will stop and seek a relationship with us. They will want to own that love, a blessed work of art full of positive energy, and display it in their home so they can bathe in that loving energy every day.”

Paul T. Scarborough

Paul T. Scarborough was born in 1961 in Madison, Wisconsin. His family moved to Florida’s east coast when he was five and he grew up on the Space Coast, a pristine area rich in nature, wildlife and spectacular sunrises. These environmental influences were his first inspiration when he started painting at age 5. He graduated from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in 1983 and moved to Orlando where he enjoyed a successful career as an art director. Advertising provided a steady income, but he continued to paint, developing a style that was unique and ever-evolving. Paul spent 15 years on the art show circuit throughout the southeast, gaining a steady following among art enthusiasts and collectors. Paul’s work hangs in numerous private collections across the U.S.

Figurative images with abstract fields of saturated color and energetic mark making. Inspired by a cosmology of still life objects, landscaping, urban cities, humans, animals, flying heads, glowing orbs, levitating trees and more orbit the picture plane. Images are fleeting; identities last a mere second. Perception becomes the job of the viewer and possesses endless possibilities.

Scarborough’s narratives are like the Sanskrit ‘Maya’, where things are not what they seem and are constantly changing. There is an acute awareness of the artist’s hand and temperament. Brushwork is probing and restless and directs the eye in frenetic forays. Line is integral to the work. Thick staccato black lines, reminiscent of early 20th century European expressionism, share the space with sharp pencil lines that meander and morph in all directions. The work has a sense of urgency akin to a journey or quest. The thematic drama and the performance of the paint are inseparable.

Scarborough was a virtuoso painter. Organic forms seem to build up and break down before our eyes. Nothing is predictable. Textured surfaces, dense and impenetrable give way to large areas of white untouched canvas. here is diversity of scale and some of the smallest marks pack a combustible energy. Canvases pulsate. Scarborough has imbued the work with a living presence.

“Each painting to me is a new adventure,” said Scarborough. “I can see in my mind’s eye that it’s a moment of purity with unintentional strokes and a push-pull effect going on in my mind. It’s expressionism as the first stroke of the brush hits the canvas. My creativity comes mostly in the evenings. While most folks are winding down, I am fueled with energy from my thoughts and feelings of what is going on in my life, my friends, my family, and the world around me whether it is good, bad, or indifferent. Those restless thoughts and powerful feelings have nowhere to go for me other than out of my head and onto the canvas! I surround myself with calming music in medium to low lighting. I can paint for an hour, two hours, or all-night and into the early morning. When the painting is complete, it is an extraordinary relief for my mind and body. At times, I am absolutely exhausted. But viewing my work at its completion can be very moving. Therapeutic. Comforting.”